Muscular Conditions

Your dog has over 700 muscles that generally do not get assessed for injury on a regular basis. There is a lot that can go wrong within this system, and it is not just muscles that can be affected but also other soft tissue structures including the Connective tissue or Fascia within the body.

When you consider that 45% of your dogs body weight is muscle, you can appreciate that through simply being active your dog can become injured. Whether they compete athletically or are out playing games in the garden and park, sudden twists and turns, skidding, jumping, stopping or even repetitive games can all cause injuries to happen.

Like with humans, if the injuries are left untreated other parts of your dogs body will compensate for the injury, with weight being shifted elsewhere, resulting in an alteration in their posture and an overworking of other muscles. This can then manifest as lameness, limping or simply just looking like your dog may have aged over night.

Follow the relevant links below to find out more information on the different types of common muscular and soft tissue injuries.