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Customer Reviews

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Ellie, Owner of Jess: Bedfordshire

jess-testimonial-imageI have been using regularly Sarah for about 6 months. I train and compete my dog Jess in dog agility and she suddenly got a dislike for the weaves. Sarah was recommended to me to check Jess over as there could be a muscular problem going on causing pain in the weaves.
I booked in with Sarah, straight away from the off Sarah was very friendly professional and told me exactly what to expect in the session. Jess is quite nervous with strangers and can be very wiggly when being touched. I need not have worried Sarah's lovely calming treatment room was warm and relaxing even had soothing music. Jess started to relax as Sarah worked her muscles to see what was going on. It was apparent that Jess did have a small problem with her back. Sarah talked me through what she was finding. By the end of the first session Jess was leaning on Sarah, she knew she was helping. On our return visit Jess was so much more relaxed and I didn't need to stand alongside her. Jess was moving more freely and the problem she had had gone. Weaves were no longer an issue and following our sessions we even won the finals at the British Agility Championships.
I do believe had I not had Sarah's expertise that Jess' problem would have escalated. We now have regular monthly / bi monthly sessions to ensure any niggles are picked up as quick as possible. Massage would not just be for dogs which are training but for any shape and size to ensure comfort, after all they can't tell us if they have any pain or discomfort. Sarah’s facilities and professionalism are second to none I would recommend to any owner.


Louise, owner of Bracken and Bramble: Cambridgeshire

bramble-and-bracken-for-testimonials-pageI own two beagles that both compete at agility. Bracken, aged 9, competes at grade 7, including champ classes and , Bramble, aged 3, who competes at grade 6 needing one more win to go to grade 7. Sarah treats both of my dogs. They have a massage at the end of each busy agility season and again before the start of the next one. As she is older, Bracken occasionally needs a massage in between to keep her fit and supple. If we have any problems Sarah will always fit us in to keep my dogs fit to compete. Bramble, being young, can be a bit of a fidget, but Sarah is extremely patient with her. I would thoroughly recommend her to any of my friends.

Martin, Owner of Poppy: Cambridgeshire

poppy-testimonial-imageNot having the fastest agility dog, and with Poppy's age a mystery, although we knew her to be at least 8 years old, we obtained a referral from our vets for a session of massages when she appeared to be a little stiff. Poppy had just qualified for the final of the Kennel Club Starters Cup at Discover Dogs and I wanted her to be as well prepared as possible, and was concerned that at her age she may have little problems that were not detectable by me. Poppy was put at ease by Sarah's experienced handling straight away, and Sarah immediately identified issues with Poppy's back, that over a course of treatment, contributed to an improvement in Poppy's performance. Poppy totally relaxed and enjoyed her visits, and we are both extremely grateful for Sarah's contribution in helping Poppy to come 7th in the final on her big day.
Poppy has been back to see Sarah since for treatment to an unrelated issue, and the period following this saw her freedom of movement improve, culminating in her first Kennel Club event win.

Sue and Kealie, Owners of Tannis: Cambridgeshire

tannisWe were recommended Sarah when Tannis began to suffer from intermittent lameness following exercise. Coupled with agility training and rough and tumble with a new puppy, she would become lame, rest a few days but was never 'quite right' especially when jumping.
During our first session Sarah talked through each stage of treatment, explained what she was finding and answered our many questions. She took the time to put Tannis at ease which ultimately resulted in a very relaxing experience for everybody.
Since the initial treatment there has been a noticeable improvement in Tannis's overall movement plus she is jumping cleanly and comfortably with no repeat of lameness.
Now the only thing we have to worry about is the handler!!!

Jen, Owner of Merle: Bedfordshire

merleI was recommended to take my Border Collie, Merle, to see Sarah as he kept going lame after exercise. Sarah assessed him and found the problem, and after a short programme of treatments, the lameness was fixed. Merle goes back fairly regularly as he is a dog that puts 200% into both his agility and sheep work, so this way I know he is ok. Sarah always explains what she is doing and is so good with him, even on days when he is restless. I would highly recommend Sarah.

Jan, Owner of Bryn: Cambridgeshire

bryn2Sarah is really kind and honest in her approach. She has worked really sensitively with my 14-year old dog and takes things at his pace. His back had become really stiff and tight as his hind legs lost muscle, and he's now on Previcox. On the first session, he would suddenly get up and walk away when he felt a tender spot, but at subsequent sessions he's become happy for her to work really deeply into his spinal muscles, so it's helping to keep him comfortable and mobile as he gets older - and of course he loves a neck rub!
When he got home after the last session, he lay down for a snooze and stretched his front legs out luxuriously with a smug look on his face - rather than the usual careful settling down - I haven't seen him do that for ages!

Sarah Bunce, Owner of Trevor and Others: Cambridgeshire

Sarah at Your Dogs Life is totally invaluable to our dogs, we regularly compete at dog agility shows all over the country and 3 of our dogs have competed internationally. All dogs are on a maintenance programme which is excellent for their overall movement and checking if all muscles are performing in the correct way. On top of this if we do have an injury Sarah is able to see that dog as soon as possible, and start a rehabilitation programme to enable the dog to come back to full training and competing once the injury is fully healed.

We also run a local dog training club and will recommend owners to Sarah if we see that the dog isn't jumping and performing in the correct way. Once these dogs return from their course of treatment the change in their movement over the course and jumps is amazing and wonderful to witness. I would 100% recommend Sarah at Your Dogs Life for active dog treatments, dogs returning from injury and older dogs to release stiffness.